Undoubtedly, cars play a significant role in today’s life. They bring fun, memories, and opportunities to those who dare. Without them, the world would certainly be different but in an awful way.

In a bid to impress the market, automakers have come up with attractive designs. With options ranging from vans to sports cars and everything in between. And as a result, more people are spending on cars today, more than ever. And if you happen to have a soft spot for small luxury cars with generous engines, you are in the right place!

Sports cars are famous for one thing – and that’s speed. Everything else including the luxuries and safety features follows closely after that. The FordMustang GT Premium, for example, can rip 0 – 100km/h is a whopping 4 seconds. Thanks to the 5.0L V8 460 horsepower engine and a cutting-edge ABS braking system to match it.

However, the sports car market is not that big. Only less than 20% of the world’s population can afford these luxury machines, and fewer are willing to pay the price. The Lamborgini, for example, comes at the cost of £171,000 (or more) but its truly worth every penny. And just like most sports cars, they are designed to impress the hands-on community.

So, what happens if you really want to drive a sports car but can’t afford it? Here, the only sensible thing to do is hiring one. For an affordable monthly fee, you get to drive off in your dream car without a worry in the world!