3 Reliable Car Brands of All Time

Just like a wedding, buying a car is one of those things that can cause excitement and a complete sense of accomplishment. The kind that makes you lose sleep at night. In fact, it’s the ultimate gift you can give to yourself in this lifetime!

However, your experience depends on how you arrive at this decision. There are tons of car brands out there, and all claim to offer a mix of luxury, reliability, and cost-effectiveness – at least according to their sales pitches. If you get carried away by those, you are in for some big trouble. So here are the most reliable car brands that give you an all rounded experience.


The honour goes to this Japanese brand that has passed the test of time. With 14 models under their belt, there is everything from hatchbacks to trucks and everything in between. So its safe to say that this automaker has got you covered. With that out of the way, the Toyota 86 leads the pack while the Tacoma is the least reliable car on their list.


Are you looking for affordable luxury? Consider buying a Lexus. They come with high-end finishes and insane safety features, but the engineering works are more or less the same with Toyotas. The car manufacturer has invested heavily in their SUV line making it the best choice for people looking for a mix of luxury and longevity. But overall, the GS is the most reliable Lexus car while the ES sits at the bottom of the list.


Hondas are both affordable and reliable. Here, you have a choice of six cars with CR-V topping the list and the ES being the least reliable car. According to user reviews, the engines on this vehicles can manage over 200,000 Km without any issues. They are perfect for everyday use, and most models look good too!