The Most Popular Car Brand in The World?

There are several notable car brands in the world, but Toyota sits pretty at the top of that crowd when it comes to popularity. This Japanese car manufacturer passed the test of time, performance and longevity, even with all the natural disaster issues back at home. They’ve sold a little over 1 Billion cars, and no other automaker has come close. Pretty impressive right?

But what is the dirty little secret behind this success? The truth is, its stored away from the public eye same as the Coca-Cola recipe. But the results always speak for themselves. And here are the reasons why it’ll remain the people’s favourite for a long time.


One thing is real; Toyota is the king of reliability. So before hitting the 250,000 Km mark, the car stays in excellent condition provided that you service it in time. In fact, there is a heated debate online on how they manage to make such reliable engines. With people claiming that the Toyota production line is slow and pays close attention to quality.


Let’s face it; a car is a liability, and it depreciates the moment you leave the dealership. And nothing can destabilise you (financially) more than an unreliable car. And since most of the world’s population is in middle and lower classes, people don’t want a car that demands too much. Toyota’s cars are not only reliable, but they are also relatively cheaper to maintain.


With over 14 models under their belt, Toyota has got you covered. From personal cars to trucks, this automaker has the best line up available on the planet. Toyota Corolla, for example, is the most popular model with engine size starting from 1000cc to 2000cc for sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons. That is a pretty impressive range that falls in the most popular engine-size category.